The project was to design a cover and body copy for a chosen work, Ambulance by Johan Harstad. The book cover was to be based on an idea and/or mood from the book contents. The format of the book was optional, but it should be relevant to a hardcover book in its genre. This was a school project.



Audience: All short stories / book readers

Design concept: Rough expressions based on visualizations of the values/keywords below.

Values / keywords/ characteristics to be recognized in the book


Apathy / Deconstruction / Ruined / Survival / Rescue

Design concept: 

In the book, the theme of crippled communication reoccurs in all the short stories. The story told from the main character's point of view is melancholy, characterized by loneliness, lack of trust and resignation. For the main characters it is all about enduring, The solution to the book cover became a handmade typographic illustration of the book title. The title appears raised, almost a bass-relief effect. The shapes have a coarse expression, to imply chaos and a messy tormented mind, but it also a solid presence, giving the impression that it can withstand.