Freddo, bottled cold brewed coffee, is the result of a project where a campaign site was to created for a new product of choice. Currently, on the Norwegian market the only ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee drinks available contain milk and  a lot of sweeteners, presenting a problem for the discerning coffee lover, who wants a ready-to-drink refreshing product that is not too sweet and does not contain milk.

Challenge: Design a product and create a campaign website for the new product, with own color palette, typo, design / illustration.


Design concept: Clean design, let the product speak for itself. The product is a clean product, uncomplicated. It requires time to process and only high quality raw materials are used. The campaign site should page spread information about the product, making every visitor want to learn more and become a "cool coffee lover".

USP: Cold brewed coffee. A clean single product, only high quality coffee and water