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Colonial restaurants in Bergen, are associated with high quality and dedication to their craft, they wished to also reflect these values in their short, grape focused wine tastings hosted at Matbar. The idea was to create a product that promoted Colonial's wine knowledge base and spread information about wine grapes/area. The product had to fit into Colonialen existing profile but at the same time be "cool" enough hit a more relaxed wine lovers group, attracting wine enthusiasts and experts alike.

Challenge: Make a wine-making fact sheet with its own color palette, typo, design / illustration.


Design concept: Clean and informative design. The product is uncomplicated. A design that uses warm color with texture will give an impression of crafts and quality. Tailor-made illustrations and infographics.

USP: Provides a low key wine tasting at Matbar, with access to good knowledge and wine cellar. Placemat supplies information in the "bite size" amount.

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