This product was brought to us by the Barman family company, then wanted to re-design a packing series of three toothbrushes, Dr. Barman

Super Brush. They also wished to give children the brush a more playful

Appearance.  In addition, they challenged us to come up with an alternative packing solution that contained no plastic.


USP: Super brush brushes three sides of teeth simultaneously.

Customer values: Quality, research-based product, serious.

Target group: Primarily pharmacy, people concerned with dental hygiene.

Design concept

Dr.Barman's is a research based product and is in many ways innovative. Research and innovation point to development, that is the idea behind the redesign on the Superbrush packaging series. For each step in the series,

the design elements mature, from a charming teeth character family, to

more "grow up" teeth, to a clean mature design. The colours employed act as the common design element and give a clear series feel to the 3 different design. The selected colours should also give the impression purity, energy and freshness.