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Designers Saturday Oslo in celebration of its 30th year anniversary, decided to hold a tote bag design competition. The 2017 tote bags were to be produced in the norwegian/Pakistani factory, Bokhari, and insight of the outstanding work Bokhari carries out with LAMS school for its workers, DS wanted the design to focus on sustainability and social profile.


Design/illustrate the 2017 Designers Saturday Oslo tote bag. Interpret DS's story and the essence of the event on a defined area (32 x 32cm) with particular focus on sustainability and social profile, key keywords for DS.


Design concept: The original inspiration for my design comes from a picture taken at Bokhari textile factory showing recycled cotton straps, newly colored and hung up to dry in the sun. In recognition of Bokhari and their work with LAMS, I used the shapes made by the cotton strips to create a modern design with a sense of texture and movement. Designers Saturday celebrates its 30th anniversary and therefore the figure 30 has been “woven” into the shapes. 

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